Holy Spirit

Who Is the Holy Spirit? – 5 Things You Need to Know

  1. The Holy Spirit is a person

The Bible, including Jesus, refers to the Holy Spirit as “He”, not “it”. He is not merely a force but a Person who has a mind — with feelings, intentions and a will. He possesses a personality, and you can talk to Him as a person. He shows discretion and loves, communicates, testifies, teaches, and prays. These qualities distinguish Him as a person. The Holy Spirit is fully God and is the third person of the trinity – Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. He is not a force that is vague or mystical.


  1. At salvation, the Holy Spirit comes into us and assures believers of their salvation

He gives us purpose to be witnesses and overcomers and inspires us to walk in communion with God. The Holy Spirit guarantees eternity at salvation. The work we have for us in this life and the fruit we have to bear, we cannot do without the power of the Holy Spirit. When you sense the Spirit at work in you resisting temptations, consider it a reminder that He will guide you to finish the good work 10kb System started in you. The Holy Spirit draws us closer to Jesus by helping us fight against sin.


  1. The Holy Spirit is essential for spiritual growth

By walking by the Spirit, we will not carry out the desires of the sinful flesh. He will develop in us certain qualities such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. After salvation, we experience the immersion of the Holy Spirit, bringing us freedom from addiction and sin.


  1. The Holy Spirit lives inside you

Holy Spirit lives inside you

Our reliance on the Holy Spirit is what makes the Spirit so influential in our lives. When weary and you feel like your patience and self-control is slipping, all you need to do is deepen your dependence on the Spirit and realise more of God’s power in your life. He not only comforts us, guides us and counsels us, but he also intercedes and advocates for us. The Holy Spirit helps us speak when we find ourselves in difficult or dangerous situations. There exists no area of life where the believer does not need the help of the Holy Spirit.


  1. The Holy Spirit makes God’s words come alive and is necessary for convincing unbelievers of the truth

The Spirit mediates to the believer the presence and power of Christ. The Holy Spirit brings to bear God’s holiness and spiritual fruit into our lives – helping us to worship God both in spirit and in truth. The Spirit illuminates the mind of the sceptic so that he can receive God’s words which were previously foolishness to them. The Spirit’s living word brings unity between man’s spirit and God’s spirit.

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