5 Ways You Can Help Your Church

  1. Streamlined communication and increased accessibility

Create a system where you can stay in touch with all your members, leaders, volunteers and staff. It helps grow your church when people feel connected and well-informed. With features such as mass communication via email or SMS, live service updates, online database, and personal notes, everyone gets to stay in the loop with everything that is happening within the church community. Offering your congregants the alternative to stream your services live – be it from home, on vacation, or in the hospital – ensure they can still connect to their community of faith. In this new age of information, a strong social media presence is vital. You can post updates about the church and its events and share inspirational content.

towards involvement

  1. Offer a clear path towards involvement

Most people can feel lost about what exactly they need to do to be involved, and this serves as a severe challenge to those who participate in a congregation. Being faced with too many choices can also be a deterrent as between trying to choose and not knowing what these choices entail, the result is that most people end up picking nothing. At Connexus Church, congregates are welcome to utilise two simple kiosks – the “New Here” kiosk and the “Next Steps” kiosk. The latter is operated by trained guest services people who are basically like concierges who help discover which next step is best for you. It is essential to eliminate confusion at every level and help people to engage themselves. Keep the language clear and direct.


  1. The Discipleship Ministry

Help build an active discipleship ministry and talk to your pastor about teaching the basics of Christian growth to others in your church. Disciplining others can also be one of the best ways to grow to spiritual maturity.


  1. Apply to your life the teaching and ministry

Living a Godly, holy life and learning to instil in you the spiritual values taught to you by the church as they wish you to do can, in turn, help the church grow. You represent to the rest of the world the church and to abide by their values means representing the church well. You reach a full circle — these values provide you gratification when you practise them and practising them will inspire others to join the same church you attend.


  1. Shoulder the load of responsibility

Pastors too can feel their arms become weary under the weight of all their responsibilities, and it is important that brothers and sisters stand beside them to help distribute the load. The Lord never intended that the whole ministry of the church be carried solely by the pastor or a mere handful of people. Everyone must pitch in to help and serve to keep all the needs met, and no one feels overburdened or reaches “burnout”. Volunteering means doing what needs to be done and not being finicky about what you will or will not do.

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